The Loewe Mini Gate Dual Bag

So, mini bags. In principle, I love the cuteness of their pint-sized proportions. In practice, as an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink kind of person when it comes to packing, they’re not for me. But practicality is, often, also not for me – so I ordered Loewe’s Mini Gate Dual bag from Matches.

Diptyque advent!

Quite the departure from the 99p Cadbury affairs I’m used to, the Diptyque advent calendar is majestically presented as a…


“The easiest way to imagine the baseline feeling is having just finished a third coffee when someone texts: ‘we need to talk’ and then doesn’t call for hours,” is how Olivia Sudjic so perfectly describes anxiety in Exposure.

The New Me

“The whole scene is a bitter cliché, the expectations and ego barely hidden behind the flimsy presentation of friendliness,”

A Little Life

I don’t cry over fictional works – with the exception of The Notebook, but that was due to being 17 and two bottles of wine deep with an emotional friend who just wanted to have a cry – but A Little Life made me weep.